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Encore Colorspun

For those wanting to knit at a big gauge of 2 sts/inch this is a great option for a machine washable at an affordable price.

Encore Mega is recommended at 2/inch on US 15 and each skein has 64 yards. The afghan closeup shown below gives you an idea of how the 5 Colorspun options work up.

The hat patterns shown below each take 1 skein and are free with the yarn purchase.

For a handpaint option, check out Rasta by Malabrigo.

Price - solids: $5.99

Price - colorspuns: : $6.99

Encore Colorspun

7811,7808, 7807

8126, 8121

7767, 7600, 7762

until I get the color numbers, we'll go with....

pinks, vintage rose, kiwi, tuscany, denim


42, 23, 20

7596, 7766, 7765

43, 41


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