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Kureyon by Noro

Did you know this is organic wool? That is probably news to a lot of knitters. It was to me. But all of the animal fibers that Noro uses in his yarn are sourced from organic certified raisers!

Great fun to knit, garments made in Kureyon take on a new look with every row. From simple but interesting stripes in a felted bag or basic sweater pattern to more intricate patterns, this yarn looks great and felts well. Any pattern that uses Kureyon can also work with Silk Garden, also by Noro, so for a more sophisticated or subdued palette of color options, be sure to check Silk Garden out too.
Both of these yarns knits at 4.5-5 sts/in on US 7-8. I've woven it, knit it and felted it. Available in a great range of interesting can't go wrong!

There are several great hardcover books available ...Knit Noro, Knit Noro Accessories, Noro Crochet and also a terrific magazine available at the store to support this yarn.

Regularly: $9.95

Noro was not historically known for being soft - so if it is merino or alpaca soft that you seek, check this page out. HOWEVER -in response to the critics that the yarn was not soft enough, Mr. Noro has increased the percentage of merino in the yarn over the years! So it is a lot softer than those who haven't tried it in the last 4-6 years think!! So fibe it a go and decide for yourself. I always find it softer after I have blocked - even before the extra fine wool was added.

And here is a link to the free crochet slipper pattern that is being used in the Crochet-Along that starts Thurs Apr 16th....just 3 sks will do an adult pair. You can join the CAL here

Kureyon by Noro

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