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Kureyon by Noro -


Great fun to knit, garments made in Kureyon take on a new look with every row. From simple but interesting stripes in a felted bag or basic sweater pattern to more intricate patterns, this yarn looks great and felts well. Any pattern that uses Kureyon can also work with Silk Garden, also by Noro, so for a more sophisticated or subdued palette of color options, be sure to check Silk Garden out too.
Both of these yarns knits at 4.5-5 sts/in on US 7-8. I've woven it, knit it and felted it. Available in a great range of interesting can't go wrong!

There are several great hardcover books available ...Knit Noro, Knit Noro Accessories, Noro Crochet and also a terrific magazine...each has lots of great patterns for Kureyon so be sure to add it to your cart!

Regularly: $8.95

We have many more colors than this in the store, but to keep it simple, I've chosen these to provide some choice online but keep my life easier.

colors and stock updated 4/29/15


332, 102, 274

326, 277, 40


263, 236, 314, 255

311, 188, 258, 329



328, 262, 149

283, 327, 310, 321




211, 95




Books: $24.95


Noro Magazine: $7.99 (many other issues available, just didn't have time to post them)