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Ito by Noro

This 100% wool yarn by Noro features a whopping 200 gms and 437 yards in a ball. I've added colors for this fall, 2020.

They are Noro's response to all the Shawl Balls out there, but of course, these make lovely afghans and sweaters and accessories too!

The latest model at the store is the mitered square jacket (see right side bar) that was featured on the front cover of the Fall 2020 Noro magazine. And I just finished knitting Lanesplitter (the skirt shown in the right sidebar) using Ito as well! It took 2 balls and is the 48" hip size! I haven't had a chance to put in the elastic yet to the waistband, but you get the idea. It was a fun project to knit - easy enough to do while distracted, but interesting enough to not get bored! And my sister just felted 2 pair of slippers using 1 Ito shawl ball - both adult sizes. So there are ;ots of great project possibilities for this yarn.

Each ball features a 45 color sequence. So unlike the Kureyon and Silk Garden that each have 8-10 colors, these big balls provide more color changes, perfect for that "statement" accessory.

Recommended knit at 4.5 - 5 sts/in on US 8 - 10, we knit the cowl shown on the front cover of last fall's Noro Magazine (see photo below) on a US 9 and got 4 sts/inch.

Most of my customers who purchased a ball came back for another.....and another....seems like knitting a cowl with this yarn was the "daughter-in-law" or "son's girlfriend" gift of last holiday season!

Chris just finished the 2 ball Ito wrap in chevron pattern shown in earth tones.

For a summer version of Ito shawl ball (cotton, silk, viscose) at a slightly lighter weight, check out Akari.

Price Per Giant Ball: $44.95

Ito by Noro

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shown in entrelac blanket