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Pima Paka by Mirasol

This 100% Egyptian cotton yarn is recommended knit at 23-26 sts/4 inch on a US 3-5 (3.25-3.75 mm)  needle.

It is also 100% ORGANIC - no chemicals used in the fertilizers or in pesticides or defoliants used at harvest since it is HAND-PICKED to be sure the optimal staple length and finness are chosen

Not all the colors have arrivved yet, but there are some lovely neutrals and gorgeous blues and greens (and a single red) to choose from already!

It is actually grown in Israel, but is an Egyptian variety called Mako cotton. Mako cotton was named for the Egyptian Bey that owned the garden in which the stray plants were discovered back in the 1700s.  A Frenchman visiting the Bey was taken by the length of the fiber (usually cotton is on the shorter side) and the fineness of the fiber. So he took some seeds from these wayward plants and cultivated them so this variety now represents less than .5% of the entire Egyptian cotton crop and it is grown throughout the region - including Israel.

All Egyptian cotton varieties are known for their staple length  - this is important to the fiber's durability - as well as their fineness (translates into softness).  Back in 1984 I travelled to Egypt and Israel and spent a week on the Sinai snorkeling at Sharm-el -Sheik. Back then, there was nothing more than a few huts and a scuba shop (now its a huge tourist destination with grand hotels) and we had to be careful where we stepped since a lot of the Sinai had been mined, so I took care when digging a hole in the sand to hide my money and passport while I went snorkeling!.  Anyway.....I purchased a t-shirt there that I wore - to run in and play tennis in, so it really took a beating -  for over 25 years!! It was the softest, most incredible wearing t-shirt I have ever had. That was my first introduction to "Egyptian" cotton and I've sought it out ever since!

So the long staple and fine micrometer, combined with a really nice twist, means that this yarn will be sofrt next to the skin, will wear well, and will have a great drape.

Chris is knitting up a swatch as I write this, so next week I'll have some photos to share, as well as experience washing it. 

Each skein features 328 yards!!

Price Per: $14.99

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