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Encore by Plymouth

We stock and sell a lot of the Encore line of acrylic/wool in a worsted weight - the solids, colorspuns and tweeds.


But as popular as this yarn is at the brick and mortar here, in 20 years this website NEVER had any orders online for Encore except for Encore Mega Colorspun  and  Encore Mega!  


So to save hours of time photographing, editing and uploading (not to mention maintaining the pages once they're done!), I decided not to bother putting the worsted weight versions of this line on the website.

But it is hugely popular here at the shop and we have some 40 colors in stock at the shop along with another 8-10 of the Encore Tweed colors and another 6-8 of the Colorspun.


  If you are interested in these, please stop. And if you know what color you want, we are happy to add it to an online order if you want to call us at 802-288-8081

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