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Summer Noro Shawl Balls -
Kakigori, Akari & Uchiwa

Kakigori is a lovely 50% cotton/30% silk/10% viscose/10% poly blend yarn has no animal fiber at all and knits at a lighter gauge of 5.25 - 6 st/inch on a US 5-7 needle as does Uchiwa (50% cotton/30% viscose/20% silk) and recommended at 5.5-5 sts/inch on a US 6-7.  Akari, unlike Kakigori and Uchiwa,  is heavier and has a tad bit of mohair (14% in the mix) and is recommended knit at 4-5 sts/inch on a US 7-9.


At a full 660 yards per ball, two balls of Kakigori will do most summer tops and there are lots of project ideas in the Noro Magazines for this yarn. Both the short sleeved T and the garter stitch poncho shown in the gallery left, are knit using Kakigori.  

With a bit less yardage because it is slightly heavier gauge, Akari offers  528 yds per giant ball and is another nice option for those who want to minimize the animal fiber next to the skin.  You can get two 6-7" x 42" long scarves and a pair of wristlets, or 1 wider/longer scarf and the wristlets from 1 ball.  One ball is also enough to knit a great shoulder wrap that can double as a big cowl under a coat and this pattern is free with the purchase of 1 ball of Akari (wrap shown in pinks in the gallery)

Uchiwa  features 547 yards per shall ball and is recommended knit at 5.5 - 5 st/inch on a US 6-7 needle. 


To take a look at another summer blend yarn by Noro that comes in solid colors, check out Sonata.


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Price Per Giant Ball : $44.99

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