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This version of rigid heddle looms offers a weaving width of 16 inches. I have a lot of customers who have purchased this as a "second" loom to their multiple harness loom and truly use it for sampling colors in preparation for a project on their floor looms. I also have customers who take it on the boat or RV trips and others for whom it is their primary loom - perfect for weaving scarves, tea towels, book marks, etc. If you want to weave shawls or fabric to cut and sew, I strongly recommend the 24" rigid heddle loom by Ashford, but if scarves and narrower projects are what you have in mind, this is a great loom. Comes with a 7.5 dpi reed, 2 stick shuttles, instruction booklet and warping pegs. It is made of birch and features strong handles, ratchets and pawls for solid construction.

Sample It Loom by Ashford

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