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220 Worsted by Cascade

A great basic wool of good quality and value, the Cascade 220 is available in a large range of colors and is popular for everything from hats and mittens to afghans, sweaters and felted bags, too!

Recommended knit at 5 sts/inch on a US 7 (some people go 4.5 on an 8), each 100 gm ball provides 220 yards.

The Peruvian Highland Wool that this is spun from has a lot of Merino genetics for softness but crossed with Corriedale for greater staple length (longer staple length wools tend to wear a bit better and pill less and sometimes, tho' not in this case, add sheen).

Especially for the blues/navy colors, you may want to click on the photo gallery left to see the colors next to each other - looking at color 8393 on its own I honestly couldn't tell if it was a dark gray, light black or navy! It is a dark navy with lots of black in it, BTW. And in the photo of the grouping in the gallery, you can see this better.

If you'd like a machine washable option at this gauge, check out Plymouth Superwash Merino for another solid and Rios by Malabrigo for a hand-dyed machine washable option. 


And if you'd like this same Cascade Peruvian Highland wool in a lighter sport gauge, check out 220 Sport.

Price: $10.50

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