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Arranmore Light by Fiber Co


I lived in the store model during lockdown in 2020 - on with sweats first thing just about every morning and worn thru the day whatever I was doing - from building raised beds, and biking to felting, knitting and reading.  So if you look closely, you may find a few pills, but given how old the sweater is and how much I wear it (still), I think it looks great and is a testament to the quality of this yarn. And it shows off the side lace panel detail well.

Spun from 80% wool, 10% silk and 10% cashmere, this yarn really softens up as you knit with it and upon blocking compared to how it may feel in the hank. Something about how tightly it is twisted and packed before the label goes on hides the soft hand this yarn really has when knit.

And classic tweed colors for a classic sweater you'll wear for the next decade! If you want to view another tweed that knits at around the same gauge, check out Rowan's Felted Tweed.

Each skein has 328 yards 


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Price Per: $23.00

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