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Arroyo by Malabrigo

This d.k., machine washable merino yarn by Malabrigo is popular for shawls and garments.  The same interesting hand-dyed colors as the worsted weight Rios by Malabrigo, but at a gauge that knits 5.5-6 sts/inch.

As with all the other Malabrigo yarns, the color intensity can vary from batch to batch - heck, even within a single batch of 5 Arroyo or 10 Rios that were all dyed at the same time in the same kettle, there can be large variations from skein to skein!! 


For this reason, you should keep 2 things in mind when purchasing any of these yarns. The first is that the current batch we have in stock can be lighter or darker than the skein shown below. And it can have a differing proportion of colors (i.e. Indecita sometimes looks more green/purple with a hint of yellow/chartreuse but other batches can be more yellow and less purple/green!). You are welcome to call the store if you want someone to describe how the current batch compares to the one shown 802-288-8081.  The second thing to consider with this yarn is that if your garment requires more than 1 skein, you may want to alternate skeins every couple of rows to blend the color variations of the two skeins together. 

AS you can see from the gallery of photos showing details of hats and shawls I've knit using Arroyo, the colors are gorgeous and you can find some lovely combinations among them!

335 yards/100 gm skein

Price:  $19.99

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