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Tasogare by Noro

Noro's newest yarn comes in large, 412 yd balls and 6 lovely colorways.

Tasogare is 60% wool and 20% each mohair and silk. So compared to Silk Garden, this yarn features more merino wool and therefore will have more elasticity/memory than Silk Garden, making it a really great choice for a sweater, hat, or mittens. 

The cardigan shown (both Chris and I agree it belongs on a professor smoking a pipe!) feels great - that doesn't help those of you shopping online, but those who come to the shop can get a nice idea from this model of how the yarn feels knit up in a garment


The other sweaters shown in the latest Noro magazine were designed for Tasogare as well. One is knit at 5.5 sts/inch and the other at obviously the stitch used affects the gauge but you can see from these that the range of appropriate gauges is wide, making this a really versatile yarn!


Price per 412 yards: $45 

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