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Lore by Fiber Co.

Lore is a lovely yarn spun of 100% Romney lambswool fleece. It blooms into a lovely fabric and is wonderful for multi-color knitting as the "blooming" of the yarn that happens during blocking and wear really brings the stranded colorwork stitches together in a cohesive fabric - "that was meant to be"!

Lore is a true woolen spun yearn, which has to do with the way the fibers are prepped and fed into the spinning equipment. This makes a lofty yarn that is very insulating because air pockets are trapped in the process.

Because this yarn is great for colorwork, I am stocking full skeins in a lot of the more traditional and "neutral" colors that my customers tend to choose for the Main Colors for sweaters.....and then I stock the Lore Minis in some of the "pop" colors that you might want to add as accents in the pattern (contrast colors).

The yarn is recommended knit at 21 sts/4 inches (standard d.k. weight).

Because some of the darker greens and browns and one of the blues are difficult to photograph because of the interesting blend of colors that make up the "heather", I have included photos in the gallery here that show them photographed together so you have context to compare them against each other if the individual photos leave you wondering!  

The full skeins feature 273 yards and are $21.00


The; the Minis have 68 yards and are $6.50

Two other great Fiber Co yarns that knit at this same gauge are Cumbria Worsted (it is a really light worsted that I knit at 21/4 inches preferably) and &Make d.k. 

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