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Cumbria by Fiber Co

This is one of my favorite sweater yarns - it has a lovely hand and nice structure, which I like for a sweater. It is available in both a Worsted and a Fingering weight. Both are a blend of  90% masham wool/10% mohair blend that is a pleasure to knit and durable to wear.

The Fingering is recommended knit at 7 sts/inch on a US 3-4 and each skein has 328 yards!!   And it shows off stitch definition beautifully as you can see from the "work in progress" shown in the slide gallery here!

The Worsted weight is recommended knit at 5 sts/inch on a US 7 and has 236 yds per skein.  Because Masham wool is a dark fiber, all the colors share an earthy undertone making them wonderful for colorwork as you can see in the yoked sweater in the gallery here. 


This yarn glides like butter over your fingers and you'll enjoy every minute you knit with it. And your sweater will wear well for years to come by virtue of both the nature of the fiber used and the twist in the yarn. The Masham wool has a longer staple than merino so it will wear more durably. And it is blended with 10% mohair which is also a longer staple and a bit coarser micrometer compared to merino, providing additional durability. And the ply in the yarn has a nice tight twist, so it will not pill the way a more softly spun yarn may

The yarns by Fiber Co are not inexpensive, but they are heirloom quality and lovely to work with for a special project. If you're looking for a d.k. gauge from Fiber Co., check out Lore (Romney lambswool!) and &Make d.k. (merino/alpaca/linen blend). And for a slightly heavier worsted, be sure to drool over the &Make Aran (alpaca/wool) that knits at 4-4.5sts/inch!

Price Per: $21.99

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