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This yarn is spun from Icelandic wool. Icelandic sheep have 2 separate coats - the tog and the thel. The "thel" is the soft fine undercoat that provides warmth and the "tog" is the longer and coarser outer fiber that helps them shed the rain and snow. The two fibers are spun together into this yarn. "lopi" in Icelandic refers to the fact that it is lightly twisted/spun giving it more air pockets and insulation.

Because the "tog" is coarser and longer, this yarn can feel scratchy to more sensitive skins, so beware if you are knitting for someone particularly sensitive. But you can't beat it for value for a rugged outer wear garment!

Shown in the gallery in a more modern take of the traditional "yoked" sweaters we associate with Lopi-Lite. This weight is recommended knit at 4.5 sts/inch on a US 7-8.

Each 50 gm ball has 109 yards.

Price: $5.95

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