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Mecha by Malabrigo

Another of Malabrigo's popular yarns, Mecha knits anywhere from 4 st/inch on a US 9 (in my hands, anyway) to 3 sts/inch on a US 10.5 (again, in my hands). So a wide range of gauges depending on what you're knitting (I knit a hat at 4/inch because I wanted more structure, but the cowl shown in the gallery here I knit on a 10.5 needle. 

The once-around -your-neck cowl also can be pulled up over the ears for a headband if you're out walking and discover you need a hat more than extra around your neck! It takes just 1 skein of Mecha and I knit it using the Prismatic Scarf pattern from Ravelry.

This is superwash merino, so it will NOT felt. It is great for a quick kids sweater.

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130 yds/100 gm skein.

Price Per: $15.99

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