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Rasta by Malabrigo

This popular chunky gauge (2 sts/inch on a US 13-15) yarn is one of the many popular hand dyed yarns by Malabrigo.

This chunky yarn features 90 yards of glorious color per skein - so 1 sk will work up a hat as shown here or a single wrap cowl. And hats and cowls seem to be what it is most used for. 

As with all the Malabrigo yarns, the colors can vary greatly from 1 batch to another. Indecita, for example is more green and purple in the batch shown below, but other times it can be a bit more on the yellow side. If I get a batch that is VERY different (like very yellow or pastels vs. mostly purple/teal and more saturated) I will change the picture. But if the colors are in the ballpark, I simply don't have the time to change the picture each batch, so bear that in mind when ordering Malabrigo online. As always, its best to come in and see the colors for yourself - everyone's monitor is different and I'm not a professional photographer, so live is the best way to go if you live nearby!

For other chunky yarns that knit at this gauge, check out Ushya by Mirasol, Wow by Katia, and Encore Mega and Mega Colorspun by Plymouth.

Price Per: $22.99

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