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Ushya by Mirasol

If you're looking to knit at a chunky gauge of around 2 sts/inch knit on a US 15 and don't want the density that Rasta by Malabrigo yields or want to knit with a yarn as high an acrylic content of Encore Mega, then Ushya is a great choice!

98% wool with a bit of nylon to bind the chainette construction together, this yarn is a great choice for sweaters knit at this huge gauge because the garment won't weigh a ton and stretch out of shape the way a traditionally spun yarn at this same big gauge has a tendency to do!  The sweater shown in the gallery here is a 40" chest and used 4 sks. This construction also traps more air than a traditionally spun yarn, yielding a more insulating garment or accessory for those really cold days of winter!

Each skein has 114  yards (compared to the 90  yards you get for the same 100 gms in Rasta). It is available in a lovely range of heathery colors.

Price:  $22.99

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