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Silk Garden and Silk Garden Solo

Silk Garden-Original & Solos!

One of the very first Noro yarns, Silk Garden is a 45% kid mohair/45% silk/10% lambs wool blend that is popular for garments and accessories alike.

Like Kureyon, the "original" Silk Garden grades thru a range of interesting colors. The newer version, Solos, is the same fiber content and gauge but offers solid colors. The two work beautifully together. Below, you'll find both the Solos, and on subsequent pages, the originals.

Knit an "original" grading color in stockinette stitch alone, and the result is as you see in the short sleeved cardi shown left. Combine one color of Solo with an Original, as in the herringbone sweater next in the gallery, and you get a totally different look.  Knit it on the bias as seen in the crochet skirt, or, in entrelac as in the afghan shown next and you get very different and equally fun results.

Both the *k1p1* scarf knit using 1 colorway and the zig zag scarf using 2 different colorways, each took 4 sks yielding a scarf that is approx. 8"x 54".  Silk Garden and Kureyon are also fun knit in short rows and in mosaic and brioche, too!

Noro wool is all sourced from mulesing-free ranches and all their animal fibers (i.e. including the mohair in silk garden) is organic.


Recommended knit at 4.5 - 5 sts/inch on a US 7-8

See other Noro yarns.


110 yds/sk


Price: $14.99

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