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Malabrigo Sock

Important here is that you understand that when Malabrigo named this yarn, they must have been thinking sock "weight" yarn (i.e. 7-8 sts/inch) rather than "we think you should knit socks from this" because THIS YARN DOES NOT have any nylon added into the wool to make it durable enough for socks!

Instead, think of this yarn as a great option for shawls and cowls.  I knit the cowl (pattern from Ravelry) shown in the gallery here using this yarn - 1 skein each of two colors.

Malabrigo has since come out with a TRUE sock yarn called Ultimate Sock. As our inventory of this original "Sock" weight yarn is sold, we are slowly replacing colors with the new Ultimate Sock product. So as of today, April 13th, we have only 5 colors of the Ultimate Sock in stock and over 30 of the original which you can see below. 


So over time, you'll see the colors on this page start to dwindle and the Ultimate Sock options grow! 


So this product here is 100% merino superwash wool and wonderful for cowls, scarves and shawls. LInk thru to the nylon blend version above if you plan to knit socks!

Follow this link to see the full range of Malabrigo Yarns we stock

Each skein has 440  yards. Recommended knit at 7.5-8 st/inch on a US 1-3

Price: $20.99

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