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Ultimate Sock by Malabrigo

Unlike the original Malabrigo Sock, this new version actually has nylon added so it will stand up to the heavy wear that a pair of socks is subjected to!

Same lovely dyed colors as the original and same gauge and yardage, but with nylon.

We are gradually replacing the Malabrigo Sock with the Ultimate Sock - so as we need to replenish colors in this gauge we are choosing the Ultimate sock since it can be used both for shawls and socks. So as of now (April, 2023) we have only 5 or 6 colors of the Ultimate in stock but about 40 of the original! As the year progresses, the colors will switch over based on our need to replenish stock AND dependent on what colors of Ultimate are available each time we order!

Follow this link to view the full range of Malabrigo Yarns we stock.

Price: $20.99

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